Thanks Dad, for living such an inspiring life and for all your patient storytelling.

Thank you, further Dad, for your help with writing Chapter 1.

Thanks to Heather Pigden-Halpern, my stepmother, for her years of devotion to my father, her unmitigated dedication to this book, and her constant support of me. Also, thanks to Heather for her fact-finding and writing of the initial version of the chapter “The Kitten of the Volga” in my book. I would also like to acknowledge Heather’s work in the “Ambrosia” and “Cigarettes Can Save Your Life” chapters, which include some of her writing.

A very special thank you must be given to Rebecca Garber of Wordworks in Nanaimo, British Columbia for her developmental editing, time and research, suggestions, final editing and proof-reading, and help in writing the synopsis. A special acknowledgment goes to Rebecca Garber for creating the title From School to Sky: Joseph’s Tale of War. Without her unrelenting support, inclusion of peers and contacts, this project could not have come to fruition. Rebecca has been utterly amazing!

I must also thank Sylvia McConnell for her work with editing and adding historical context to my manuscript.

Thanks to spiritual leader Rabbi David Mivasair for his patient and tireless input into the information about Reb Shlomo Halevi Halpern, his work, and his ancestors—and their role in the Judaic history of Warsaw throughout centuries. Rabbi Mivasair also contributed to the chapter “Your Future Country Needs You”.

Thank you, Elinor Florence for your support, encouragement and advice.

Thanks to Gloria Luk for her support.

Thank you, Patricia Derouin, who remained my mother’s one close friend during all her years of mental health challenges and who became a kind of second mother to us Halpern children.

Thanks also to my brother David and my deceased siblings, Anna-Lee, Leo, and Saul, for their role in Joseph’s and my lives.

And especially, I would like to thank my beloved wife Joan for all she did in order for me to complete this project.